Saturday, April 12, 2014

Oldest 4 boys

Brantley has recovered from his injuries and pitched a full 7 inning game today.  His team won 15-1. WooHoo

Bailey has been in tremendous pain from his surgery this week.  He is
finally able to walk a bit but is really slow getting up, down and around.  He is getting cabin fever, big time!!  He went to Bryant's baseball game with us today but is paying for it now. :(

Bryant is pitching lights out!!  He pitched a full 7 inning game today, having 9 strikeouts. Bryant's team won 13-3.

Raleigh, otherwise known as "Little Unit", pitched a full 6 inning game last night and his team won 6-3. Raleigh had 13 strikeouts.  Shazaam


There were train tracks adjacent to the baseball field today.  Raleigh and his buddies put some pennies on the tracks and the train squished them.  They thought that was so cool!!  Brought back memories of when I was a little girl and would visit my grandparents.  The train came by at the same times each day so we would run down a few minutes before the train came and put pennies on the track and sit and wait on the train to come.

Those were the days.... love looking back but wouldn't want to go back. :)

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  1. Wow! So many pitchers in one family. You must be real proud. Go boys go!


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