Monday, April 14, 2014

New shoes and busy times

IEP meeting tomorrow at 2:15pm at the facility.

Going to visit with Jackson after the meeting.

I found him a pair of tennis shoes at
Wal**mart for $3.50.    Several of my younger kids are needing tennis shoes and they had all their sizes for $3.50 each.  They will be perfect to finish out the school year and play in during the summer. I love it when God takes care of even the small things. Yippie


I took Delaney to the dentist today to get a broken tooth re-fixed.  I will be out of town all day tomorrow for the meeting and visit.  Raleigh is having problems with his heel and foot and will be seeing the Dr. Thursday.  I called today and made 4 eye appointments for next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for Whitney, Peyton, Britton and Bryant.  Bailey will have his follow up appointment next Tuesday.

Life is busy.

There are many times I think, When I get Britton in school I am going to find myself a job.  Then I have weeks like the ones lately with unexpected stuff and appointments and I think, Are you crazy? No one would hire you and if they did you would lose your job because you would have to miss work all the time to take care of the kids.  Haha

I honestly do not know how working moms do it!!  I admire all working moms but single they must have super human powers.  My hat it off to all working moms!!!!


  1. Who else is wishing Kelly would hurry up and post?

    1. Cute. Haha. Glad to know people care. Thanks :)


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