Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Foster care is not about adoption

Zoe's relative was approved!!

After some paperwork is completed and fingerprints are done she will
be moving.

Relative picked her up for a visit today and I was talking with her about Zoe changing schools.

Relative is right here in town and has a daughter in 3rd grade.  The relative said she is planning to move her daughter to the school where Zoe is attending right now!!!

I am so excited and I offered to help her with pick up of Zoe and her daughter so she can work longer hours.  Not sure if this is the route she will chose as she has several other options available to her but I am willing to help her a couple of days a week so I offered.

This is what foster care is all about.  This is what foster parents are committing to when they sign up.

Foster care is about reuniting families and forging relationships with birth families to help them be successful. Foster care ends in adoption sometimes but FOSTER CARE IS NOT ABOUT ADOPTION.

So even if you can't commit to adopt a child but you have room in your heart, home and schedule to love and care for a child for a few days, weeks, or months please call your local department of human resources and find out when the next GPS classes start...and go.  Become a foster parent!!!!


I would love to hear how my readers have been used in helping birth families through fostering their children.

Please share in the comments section.  I have my comments open to anyone so please share your stories.

Even if your foster children haven't gone back home but you have still forged a relationship that has helped the birth family I want to hear your stories also.


  1. You are exactly right! All of our foster care placements have ended up staying with us...but foster care goal is always reunification (at least initially).

  2. Our only foster placement ended in adoption, so I can't tell you any stories of how we helped the birth family. I know that their previous foster family tried and tried and tried to help the birth family, but the birth family would no receive any kind of help. No help from anybody. Which is why they had their rights terminated. They just weren't willing to make any changes. So sad.
    On a happier note, I am so delighted for Zoe! This is the way it is supposed to work! Adoption is a wonderful thing, but I'm so glad Zoe gets to stay with her first family. I hope the relative will take you up on your offer so you can remain involved in Zoe's life.

  3. I am so happy for Zoe! And for you that you'll be able to stay in contact with Zoe.

  4. I just got to hug on one of our former kiddos yesterday when we ran into his family at the grocery store. We got to help this little guy reunite with his mom and have had a great relationship whenever we run into each other. She had a baby the year after we had cared for him and we were the ones she asked to care for him while she was in the hospital. It also happened that we almost got a baby girl and I had quickly gathered clothes over a weekend to have that placement not happy and our guys mom had a baby girl and needed lots, so I think it was God's way of having us be ready for her new arrival!

  5. My husband and I did foster care for 9 1/2 years, we lost count after over 40 children came thru our home. We adopted five times. So we worked with a whole lot of birth families reuniting with their children or the children moved on to other permanent placements. We have been closed for the last few years raising all of our children. We specialized in medically fragile and children with special needs but had all ages and children come thru. We retired from it a few years ago as we were so busy with the intense medical needs of the ones we adopted. Our youngest is ten now. We have been praying for a while about foster care and adoption and have not clearly heard from the Lord what He wishes for our life. So we humbly and prayerfully re-opened recently with foster care just to see what happens... but have not been called with any placements as of yet. We are just waiting for the Lord to show us what to do and what He wants. I have a blog at www.muchbiggerthanme.blogspot.com Gods blessings be upon you all.


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