Friday, January 16, 2015


My BlogLove page is updated.

I went through every single blog and deleted all blogs that are not current or a valuable resource for adoptive parents.

I deleted a LOT of blogs.

I would love to add more blogs but don't have the time to research blogs like I used to do.  If you blog or follow foster or adoption blogs I do not have listed PLEASE tell me about them.  Paste a link in the comments or tell me the name and I will look up the link.

I enjoy helping other foster/ adoptive families connect.  Connecting and supporting each other is so important.

Educating is critical.  Foster and Adoption blogs promote connection and education.  Lets build a great list!!

Help me out folks. Would love to grow my list again with current blogs that talk about adoption.

Ready. Set. Go.


During this transition time for J, I am also transitioning. J seems to be doing great with his new residence and school.  He is making friends and "everyone likes" him.

I know this is not about me but I feel inclined to be honest here today. Writing is therapeutic for me and so here goes... This move has been hard for me in many ways so you are invited to my therapy session today. ;)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

INTAKE *take 2*

Intake went off without a hitch.  All my questions were answered and I got a thorough tour of the moderate building. There are 5 bedrooms that are positioned in a circle around a common area. (You can see two of the bedroom doors in the pic.) There is a small den with a TV and two couches and a small computer room with two computers and another TV that are also positioned around the common area.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Intake scheduled

Long meeting.

That ended with us agreeing to disagree about what is best for J.

What it boils down to...