Saturday, July 19, 2014

Down hill

Called Jackson at 7:17 pm tonight and all was well with him.  We had a nice conversation and the staff let us talk a few extra minutes.  Things obviously went

Winning pitcher

Brantley's host mom in Minnesota sent this picture of Brantley with his host mom and roommate.  Miss him so much!!!   

Brantley pitched four innings tonight and got the win!!! His team is awesome and he is having the time of his life!! 

Friday, July 18, 2014

lots but not much

Lots going on with Jackson right now.  Here are a few bullets.

He's 12

Holding to tradition... 

Raleigh with his 12 pancakes.  He ate all of them.

 Celebrated at the lake with his siblings and cousins.  Fun on the jet ski and tube!!

12 presents... one was missed in picture.

12 candles.

I made his cake.  This was second attempt.... 2 layers.

First attempt was 4 layers.... epic fail.  I know...pitiful.  I dumped it in a big bowl and we ate it in bowls with spoons.  Haha  Still tasted great and would have never wasted all that cake. :)

We took the kids to a trampoline park to celebrate.  They had so much fun that after we visit with Jackson on Monday we are going to another one in a different city.

For dinner on his birthday we took him for a "steak dinner" per his request...

He ordered cheese fries and dessert instead and no steak.  haha 

Miracles upon miracles... he let me take some pictures of him without him hiding his face.  Happy momma!

Friday, July 11, 2014

A new chapter

Having hurt children in and out of one's home takes a toll on all members of the family and I have come to the decision